Does the package sell?

Yes, definitely,

empaques bonitos

Pretty packages

  • If a dish soap begs me to do my dishes… I buy it.
  • Warhol style Campbell’s soups… I buy them.
  • Colored bottles of wine and liquor…I buy them.

But all of this because I bought a little while ago in the supermarket something I loved:

El Sombrerón

Dried fruits for punch: El Sombrerón

I found this bag in the fruits and vegetables section (good positioning) and it cost me around $30 pesos (about $2.50 USD). If I hadn’t found this little bag I wonder:

  • When would I have searched a recipe for Christmas punch…? NEVER.
  • When would I have actually prepared punch…? NEVER.
  • When would I have peeled the guavas, the plums, the sugar canes, the apples and the rest of the fruits…? NEVER.

But I found this wonder which I put in an pot, I just add some water and sugar and I let it boil till it’s done… now I can start celebrating Christmas without problems.

I really thought it was a great idea, once I try it I’ll tell you how good it is.


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