650 million years in 1 minute with 40 seconds

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This video makes me think about the little time we humans  have been around the planet comparing it with its own age (about 5 billion years) and not to mention the universe’s age (about 13.7 billion years).

With this type of reflections my “ecological self” comes out.

This place isn’t just ours, millions of species have been here before (about 3 billion years ago life on earth appeared), and unless we finish with most of the  planet’s natural resources, millions of species will exist at the same time and after us.

We must know that we do make a difference when we turn off the lights when don’t need them, or that using a sheet of paper on both sides can help save trees.

A few links to “green pages” I thought are worth the click:


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