15 things you didn’t know

  1. St. John was the only one of the 12 Apostles to die a natural death.
  2. St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was not Irish.
  3. Sliced bread was patented by a jeweler, Otto Rohwedder, in 1928. He had been working on it for 16 years, having started in 1912.
  4. The Nobel Prize resulted from a late change in the will of Alfred Nobel, who did not want to be remembered after his death as a propagator of violence – he invented dynamite.
  5. Coffee is the second largest item of international commerce in the world. The largest is petrol.
  6. The magic word “Abracadabra” was originally intended for the specific purpose of curing hay fever.
  7. Albert Einstein was once offered the Presidency of Israel. He declined saying he had no head for problems.
  8. The “Hundred Years War” lasted 116 years.
  9. One of Queen Victoria’s wedding gift was a 3 meter diameter, half ton cheese.
  10. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never phoned his wife or his mother, they were both deaf.
  11. Some Eskimos have been known to use refrigerators to keep their food from freezing.
  12. Marie Curie, who twice won the Nobel Prize, and discovered radium, was not allowed to become a member of the prestigious French Academy because she was a woman.
  13. The national flag of Italy was designed by Napoleon Bonaparte.
  14. More money is spent each year on alcohol and cigarettes than on life insurance.
  15. There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos.

Source: http://home.bitworks.co.nz/trivia/human.htm


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