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flogosSomehow similar to what Curb does, of whom I speak in this post, Flogos is a company dedicated to break the boundaries in advertising matters. In FLOGOS they create LOGOS that fly.


Based on a patented technology, FLOGOS are basically made up of soap and several gases including helium. They last around 30 to 40 minutes, they can travel up to 50 kilometers (30 miles) and reach an altitude around 5,000 feet.

Besides, these flying logos are 100% environment friendly.

Good idea.

ejemplos flogos

If you need further information you can click this link.

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Innovative Publicity

They came up with a great idea in CURB.

For those who are seeking to advertise their company or product in an innovative, creative and eco-friendly way. CURB created several ways to do it. Either if it’s done  in the pavement, grass, snow, sand, wood or water, the agency’s method is based in the use of natural elements which avoid harming the environment and impact the consumer by advertising in the least expected places.

Algunos ejemplos de publicidad de CURB


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I like it

It’s a cube!…


It’s a box!…


It’s a lamp!…

This design form David Graas, who has stand out for creating objects from trash, scraps or waste, is the package and the product at the same time. This lamp is sold as a box with a lightbulb, a plug, a cable and a manual so the purchaser can make the corresponding cuts and adjustments to turn it into an innovative lamp.

Via: Packagings of the World

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Does the package sell?

Yes, definitely,

empaques bonitos

Pretty packages

  • If a dish soap begs me to do my dishes… I buy it.
  • Warhol style Campbell’s soups… I buy them.
  • Colored bottles of wine and liquor…I buy them.

But all of this because I bought a little while ago in the supermarket something I loved:

El Sombrerón

Dried fruits for punch: El Sombrerón

I found this bag in the fruits and vegetables section (good positioning) and it cost me around $30 pesos (about $2.50 USD). If I hadn’t found this little bag I wonder:

  • When would I have searched a recipe for Christmas punch…? NEVER.
  • When would I have actually prepared punch…? NEVER.
  • When would I have peeled the guavas, the plums, the sugar canes, the apples and the rest of the fruits…? NEVER.

But I found this wonder which I put in an pot, I just add some water and sugar and I let it boil till it’s done… now I can start celebrating Christmas without problems.

I really thought it was a great idea, once I try it I’ll tell you how good it is.

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