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Food, Inc. I Want to See it

As it seems this movie will make us open our eyes to see what’s behind and how the food industry really works.

TakePart has developed many documentaries with the purpose of promoting an eco-friendly culture and social equity. It has developed works like An Inconvenient Truth, Angels in the Dust, Darfur Now and The Visitor.

Some ideas to think about and consider that will be exposed in the film:

  • Food nowadays is no longer produced in farms but it is instead produced in factories.
  • Fruits and vegetables seasons no longer exist. You can find tangerines in summer and mangos in winter. The cost and environmental pollution of their importation are just part of the problem.
  • The profit of food companies is in many cases much more important than the health of the final consumers.

Below a taste of what we’ll see:

According to this link it will come out in the summer in the United States, I hope it soon gets to Mexico.

After seeing this film, will we all become vegetarians?



Worried about Swine Flu?

Here’s the solution to prevent any type of transmission. Get disguised to avoid recognition on the street, while getting to work, or even in the supermarket. You’ll avoid the contagious handshakes or hugs.

disfraz 1

disfraz 2

disfraz 3

disfraz 4

disfraz 5

disfraz 6

More effective than surgical masks.

More disguises in this site.

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Green Tea

I always had some sort of idea about the WONDERFUL properties of green tea. But everytime I forced myself to drink one cup (to obtain the famous benefits), the horrible taste of sea algae made me leave my cup of tea almost completely full.

A few days ago I tried a green tea sold in a big package with the herbs packed altogether instead of the typical individual little tea bags. Big change, the taste is completely different and now I do take it pretty often. I recommend it not only for the taste, but also because it:

  • Delays ageing (contains antioxydants).
  • Contains fluoride which helps harden bones and teeth and also prevents cavities (strange but true).
  • Reduces risks of some types of cancer.
  • Contains diuretic properties:
    • Reduces colesterol levels
    • Helps in digestive processes
    • Reduces liquid retention
    • Collaborates with weight loss

It can be a really good option to keep ourselves hydrated instead of drinking sodas and beverages with a high caloric content.

* Green tea is healthier than other types of teas because it maintains its natural properties which would otherwise be lost in fabrication and packaging processes.

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