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I want to travel to space

Unfortunately if you want to travel to space today, it will cost you $200,000 USD per person. I guess I’ll have to wait for the price to go down, I just hope it doesn’t take very long.

Meanwhile I can almost see what it’s like to be there with the help of these sites with downloadable applications:


With Google Earth you can fly to any part of the Earth to see satelite images, maps, buildings in 3D… from galaxies in space to explore Mars in 3D.


It is a free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. You can travel throughout the Solar System, to more than 100,000 stars or even beyond our galaxy.

Did you know that astronauts that have been living in space…

  1. suffer from space sickness, nausea, headaches and difficulty to locate their own limbs? This is space travelcaused by the confusing information that gets to their inner ear where balance is controlled.
  2. snore less when they sleep in outer space than when they slept on Earth?
  3. they season their food with liquid salt and pepper? To prevent the grains reach their nose and obstruct their vents.
  4. when they get back to Earth they report difficulty to move their arms and legs? This is another reason why they call it the “second birth”.
  5. they claim they can’t get used to falling objects when they drop them? Ha.
  6. 18 people have died in space missions, but never in space, it has always been leaving the Earth or returning back.

Raise your hand if you want to eat powder food every day and sleep “standing up” inside a sleeping bag… anyone?, another reason why we should thank the astronauts.

These astronauts weren’t taught that they shouldn’t play with their food, I think that adults become kids again in space Ü.


Google Earth te permite volar a cualquier parte de la Tierra para ver imágenes de satélite, mapas, relieves, edificios en 3D… desde galaxias del espacio exterior hasta explorar Marte en 3D. Podrás explorar un rico contenido geográfico, guardar los lugares que visites y compartirlos con otras personas.


Simulación espacial que te permite explorar el universo en tres dimensiones. Puedes viajar a través Celestiadel Sistema Solar, a cualquiera de más de 100,ooo estrellas o incluso más allá de nuestra galaxia.

Para obtener más detalles de estas aplicaciones, puedes acceder a este número de la revista virtual Piensa Indigo.

Complementando lo anterior, ¿sabías que los astronautas que viven en el espacio…



Alert: Traditional Education Systems are Becoming Obsolete. Part II.

As I previously said, this is the second part of the post about the big changes that are happening in the education systems around the world.

We shouldn’t be surprised if every day new students at their university lectures know more stuff than their teachers. This can occur particularly in classes related to computer programming, systems engineering or computational science and engineering.

In many cases, the students complement the teacher’s knowledge. This is due to the existence of a huge number of tutorials, manuals and courses available for free on the web, which are very user friendly and that can teach us about a vast variety of topics.

We can find content for anyone and everyone.

Here are a couple examples: Hundreds of universities and institutes have a channel on this site. Here, you can access relevant content and share it with others. The name is pretty self-explanatory. On this site you can find science related videos and lectures. For the entrepreneur that lives inside you, Stanford University shares podcasts and videos of entrepreneurial thought leaders and innovators from Silicon Valley. Yale University has also available lectures of Philosophy, English, Physics, Economy, Engineering, just to mention a few. u: You can access this section through the itunes store. It contains more than 100,000 educational files: audio and video.

It seems that we’ll be lacking time because there’s infinte content.



Intelligent Lunchbox

This intelligent lunchbox called Sunch can make your life easier. Specially if at lunch time you generally found yourself without a table to sit down, a dish or a fork to eat. This luchbox includes it all.

The lunchbox converts into a tray with an array of dishes to eat from.When each side of the outer box  is opened, they flatten out to become a table. Ring shaped slots at the bottom of each dish, container and bottle ensure they don’t topple over the table.

Besides, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

sunch 1

sunch 2

sunch 3

sunch 4

Link here.

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Google + Wolfram Alpha =

puzzleI doubt that Wolfram Alpha could takeover Google’s place as the nº 1 search engine in the world. First of all because the nature of each search engine is completely different from the other, one is completely exclusive while the other is completely inclusive.

Both as everything, have their pros and their cons. I think Wolfram Alpha is still on diapers, but will certainly give us several surprises in the future.

Now, if each of them has something to bring to the table, why not add them on a Firefox extension and use them both at the same time? This is what this add-on proposes and I think it’s a great idea.

google + wolfram alphaejemplo

Vía: Bitelia.

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Alert: Traditional Education Systems are Becoming Obsolete. Part I.

I could practically guarantee that any and every type of knowledge and information is or will be available in the palm of our hands and free of charge on the web.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit is the most popular encyclopedia on the web and was created only 8 years ago (2001), it has about 2’877,700 articles only in English.

This encyclopedia receives between 10,000 and 30,000 page petitions per second. Let’s now imagine how it will be 10 years from now, I doubt there’ll be something that we couldn’t find on this site.

Los cuatro logos oficiales utilizados por Wikipedia desde su creación.
The four official logos used by Wikipedia since its birth.

Everyday new valuable content is added to the internet. Several universities, educational and cultural institutes share important documents, videos, texts, even complete university courses on video, (it’s just as if you were seated in the classroom just beside your classmates and a few meters from the teacher). Besides, these courses are given by the best universities in the world.

Academic Earth

Such is the case of Academic Earth, a website in which you can find courses related to Psychology, Law, History, Physics, Political Science, and much more subjects from universities such as Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and everything is FREE.

Now there are no excuses, today more than ever, knowledge is in the palm of our hands.

I’ll come back to the subject with a future post and more websites that make education and knowledge available for every human being with an internet connection.

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Freshen Up

The best ice cube trays available in the market:

moldes de hielo

1. Ice cube tray in allusion to pirates and skulls.

2. Perfect for tequila and straight shots.

3. For diamonds and precious stones.

4. Straws with lemons and limes.

5. From the space invaders classic game.

6. For music lovers.

7. For a chic drink, high heels.

8. My favorite at last, false teeth made of ice, or even better made with pink gelatin.

All of them are from Fred & Friends, they also have all sorts of products and original ideas.

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I want it

I have to say that I have a little problem with having to wake up early in the morning and for the same reason I have a problem with the sound of the alarm clock too. I don’t recommend anyone to wake me up, I can assure you you’ll not receive the best reaction. Fortunatelly I have found the ideal product, and if you have the same problem, for you too.

reloj despertador

To turn the alarm clock off the user must punch the device and by doing this he can vent his anger with the cause of his misfortune. And besides, it’s pretty.

If you want it too, you can click here.

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