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flogosSomehow similar to what Curb does, of whom I speak in this post, Flogos is a company dedicated to break the boundaries in advertising matters. In FLOGOS they create LOGOS that fly.


Based on a patented technology, FLOGOS are basically made up of soap and several gases including helium. They last around 30 to 40 minutes, they can travel up to 50 kilometers (30 miles) and reach an altitude around 5,000 feet.

Besides, these flying logos are 100% environment friendly.

Good idea.

ejemplos flogos

If you need further information you can click this link.

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Sanyo’s Ad Campaign

This incredible ad campaign is based in the mixture of typographies and double sense to publicize the new waterproof camera from Sanyo.

Created by the  Saatchi & Saatchi agency of New Zeland.

Sanyo Campaign 1

Sanyo Campaign 2

Sanyo Campaign 3

Sanyo Campaign 4


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For those who desperately need a vacation

This excellent marketing idea created for the always-the-same-dull-little-boring airplane tables was developed for Malaysia Airlines.

Publicidad innovadora Malaysia Airline 1

Publicidad innovadora Malaysia Airline 2

Publicidad innovadora Malaysia Airline 3. mejor blog mejores blogs

Seen in: 71grados.com

More innovative publicity posts here.

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Innovative Publicity

They came up with a great idea in CURB.

For those who are seeking to advertise their company or product in an innovative, creative and eco-friendly way. CURB created several ways to do it. Either if it’s done  in the pavement, grass, snow, sand, wood or water, the agency’s method is based in the use of natural elements which avoid harming the environment and impact the consumer by advertising in the least expected places.

Algunos ejemplos de publicidad de CURB


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