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About Zodiac Signs

Maybe you love to ask people you just met: “What’s your zodiac sign?” And maybe your perception towards that person changes depending on which sign he tells you he is and what you think you know about that particular zodiac sign.

I am sorry to disappoint you. Zodiac signs don’t have anything to do with your life and probably you think your sign is one when it’s actually another. Why?

Well, because your zodiac sign depends on the position of the Sun in relation with the constellations and how they appeared 2,200 years ago!! And that position is NOT the same as TODAY.

Astronomy and Astrology are two very different disciplines. Astrology may have its bases on science but the idea of  being influenced and determined by the alignment of the stars in the universe is a completely different thing…

If you still doubt and believe that the characterisitics of your zodiac sign strongly relate to you or you can’t get out of your house without reading your horoscope first, I recommend this video from Carl Sagan, mmmaaasssttteeerrr, let’s see if he can change your mind.

If on the other hand the zodiac signs don’t influence you in any way, I also suggest you to see it.

On the table below you can look up for your real zodiac sign.

CAPRICORN: Jan 20 to Feb 16 LEO: Aug 10 to Sep 16
AQUARIUS: Feb 16 to Mar 11 VIRGO: Sep 16 to Oct 30
PISCES: Mar 11 to Apr 18 LIBRA: Oct 30 to Nov 23
ARIES: Apr 18 to May 13 SCORPIO: Nov 23 to Nov 29
TAURUS: May 13 to Jun 21 OPHIUCHUS*: Nov 29 to Dec 17
GEMINI: Jun 21 to Jul 20 SAGITTARIUS: Dec 17 to Jan 20
CANCER: Jul 20 to Aug 10
* This sign doesn’t exist in the traditional zodiac.


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