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I share an ancestor with the monkey

And to prove it:

  1. I have a coccyx, trace of the tail our ancestors once had.
  2. I have an appendix, its function was to facilitate plant digestion. Today it isn’t really needed because our food intake is much more easy to digest.
  3. I once had wisdom teeth, they gave me a lot of pain due to the small space I had for such monstrosities in my jaws. However, they were actually pretty useful in the days in which our daily diet consisted in mammoth meat.
  4. Goosebumps, useless today, but when we were covered with hair it helped us get protected from cold and look scarier and bigger to intimadate our enemies.
  5. I have tonsils, they haven’t caused me any trouble and I hope they keep it that way. Their function was to filtrate bacteria and microorganisms to prevent body infections.

I recommend this incredible interactive documentary about our evolution.


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