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The Googleplex: Every Employee’s Dream


Yes, I know, the Googleplex has been functioning for several years by now, but come on let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to have a gym in their office, two swimming pools, free laundry, beach volleyball courts, ping-pong tables, child nursery, massage salon, pool tables, restaurants and cafeterias with free meals and above all be able to take your dog to work?

It seems like a dream, but no, it is the mere reality for the Google employees in Mountain View, California.

And here, the Googleplex (click the image for a bigger view):


The solar panels in the roofs provide 30% of the Googleplex’s electric needs.

Some wonders of Google’s organizational culture:googleplex 3

  • Every person has their own work rhythm depending on their personal interests and life style. For this reason, there are no specific work timetables in the company, anyone is free to arrive and leave at any given time.
  • Everybody is equal in Google, there are no hierarchical, religious or social differences.
  • Training and learning are permanent. To work in this company, you have to stay up to date and willing to learn something new everyday.
  • If you don’t want to wear a tie it doesn’t make you less professional. I mean, have you ever seen Sergey Brin or Larry Page wearing a tie? I haven’t.googleplex 1

It’s easy to see that Google is trying to make their employees want to stay as much time as possible in their facilities. They have created a little city from which nobody has to get out. They provide 3 payed gourmet meals per day per employee, they do their laundry, take care of their children, offer exercise facilities, I guess bedrooms are the only thing that is measing, or are there?

And now, the million dollar question: can google keep giving their employees these privileges? keep giving free lunches? free recreational activities?Googleplex 2

It seems easy now that the company is doing great, it keeps on growing year after year, their revenues keep raising. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but what will happen when the market gets more competitive or stops growing at the pace that is growing now? Will their privileges be the same?

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Google + Wolfram Alpha =

puzzleI doubt that Wolfram Alpha could takeover Google’s place as the nº 1 search engine in the world. First of all because the nature of each search engine is completely different from the other, one is completely exclusive while the other is completely inclusive.

Both as everything, have their pros and their cons. I think Wolfram Alpha is still on diapers, but will certainly give us several surprises in the future.

Now, if each of them has something to bring to the table, why not add them on a Firefox extension and use them both at the same time? This is what this add-on proposes and I think it’s a great idea.

google + wolfram alphaejemplo

Vía: Bitelia.

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