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Food, Inc. I Want to See it

As it seems this movie will make us open our eyes to see what’s behind and how the food industry really works.

TakePart has developed many documentaries with the purpose of promoting an eco-friendly culture and social equity. It has developed works like An Inconvenient Truth, Angels in the Dust, Darfur Now and The Visitor.

Some ideas to think about and consider that will be exposed in the film:

  • Food nowadays is no longer produced in farms but it is instead produced in factories.
  • Fruits and vegetables seasons no longer exist. You can find tangerines in summer and mangos in winter. The cost and environmental pollution of their importation are just part of the problem.
  • The profit of food companies is in many cases much more important than the health of the final consumers.

Below a taste of what we’ll see:

According to this link it will come out in the summer in the United States, I hope it soon gets to Mexico.

After seeing this film, will we all become vegetarians?



Another really easy way to help

I found this idea pretty creative and it seems to be very effective. It is based in getting support for humanitarian causes through small messages that work as personal signatures in our daily sent Reply for allemails.

It’s really simple, you just have to go to the replyforall webpage, register yourself and choose the cause you want to support:

  • find a cure for cancer,
  • stop global AIDS,
  • defend animal rights,
  • fight global warming,
  • and a lot more.

You also need to choose your email provider (right now it only works with Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail), a type of signature and finally add your personal info.

Yes, it is that simple.

This image explains it all:

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Earth Hour: March 28

VOTE EARTHOnly 9 days left for Earth Hour 2009. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, at 8:30 pm on March 28 we must turn the lights off for an hour.

Earth Hour began in Australia in 2007, and in 2008, 35 countries and more than 370 cities joined the cause. This year 1,760 cities in 80 countries have commited to vote for our planet.

Why vote?

If you turn off the lights, you will be voting for Earth. The goal is to reach the target of 1 billion votes and present them at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhangen where official government policies will be determined against global warming.

Join! and remember:

« March 28 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm »

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650 million years in 1 minute with 40 seconds

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This video makes me think about the little time we humans  have been around the planet comparing it with its own age (about 5 billion years) and not to mention the universe’s age (about 13.7 billion years).

With this type of reflections my “ecological self” comes out.

This place isn’t just ours, millions of species have been here before (about 3 billion years ago life on earth appeared), and unless we finish with most of the  planet’s natural resources, millions of species will exist at the same time and after us.

We must know that we do make a difference when we turn off the lights when don’t need them, or that using a sheet of paper on both sides can help save trees.

A few links to “green pages” I thought are worth the click:

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