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Intelligent Lunchbox

This intelligent lunchbox called Sunch can make your life easier. Specially if at lunch time you generally found yourself without a table to sit down, a dish or a fork to eat. This luchbox includes it all.

The lunchbox converts into a tray with an array of dishes to eat from.When each side of the outer box  is opened, they flatten out to become a table. Ring shaped slots at the bottom of each dish, container and bottle ensure they don’t topple over the table.

Besides, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

sunch 1

sunch 2

sunch 3

sunch 4

Link here.

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Freshen Up

The best ice cube trays available in the market:

moldes de hielo

1. Ice cube tray in allusion to pirates and skulls.

2. Perfect for tequila and straight shots.

3. For diamonds and precious stones.

4. Straws with lemons and limes.

5. From the space invaders classic game.

6. For music lovers.

7. For a chic drink, high heels.

8. My favorite at last, false teeth made of ice, or even better made with pink gelatin.

All of them are from Fred & Friends, they also have all sorts of products and original ideas.

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For those who desperately need a vacation

This excellent marketing idea created for the always-the-same-dull-little-boring airplane tables was developed for Malaysia Airlines.

Publicidad innovadora Malaysia Airline 1

Publicidad innovadora Malaysia Airline 2

Publicidad innovadora Malaysia Airline 3. mejor blog mejores blogs

Seen in: 71grados.com

More innovative publicity posts here.

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Innovative Publicity

They came up with a great idea in CURB.

For those who are seeking to advertise their company or product in an innovative, creative and eco-friendly way. CURB created several ways to do it. Either if it’s done  in the pavement, grass, snow, sand, wood or water, the agency’s method is based in the use of natural elements which avoid harming the environment and impact the consumer by advertising in the least expected places.

Algunos ejemplos de publicidad de CURB


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I like it

It’s a cube!…


It’s a box!…


It’s a lamp!…

This design form David Graas, who has stand out for creating objects from trash, scraps or waste, is the package and the product at the same time. This lamp is sold as a box with a lightbulb, a plug, a cable and a manual so the purchaser can make the corresponding cuts and adjustments to turn it into an innovative lamp.

Via: Packagings of the World

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