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Green Tea

I always had some sort of idea about the WONDERFUL properties of green tea. But everytime I forced myself to drink one cup (to obtain the famous benefits), the horrible taste of sea algae made me leave my cup of tea almost completely full.

A few days ago I tried a green tea sold in a big package with the herbs packed altogether instead of the typical individual little tea bags. Big change, the taste is completely different and now I do take it pretty often. I recommend it not only for the taste, but also because it:

  • Delays ageing (contains antioxydants).
  • Contains fluoride which helps harden bones and teeth and also prevents cavities (strange but true).
  • Reduces risks of some types of cancer.
  • Contains diuretic properties:
    • Reduces colesterol levels
    • Helps in digestive processes
    • Reduces liquid retention
    • Collaborates with weight loss

It can be a really good option to keep ourselves hydrated instead of drinking sodas and beverages with a high caloric content.

* Green tea is healthier than other types of teas because it maintains its natural properties which would otherwise be lost in fabrication and packaging processes.

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