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The Other Europe


It is not the old continent, it’s one of Jupiter’s moons. This APOD was taken by the Galileo spaceship during its mission while orbiting Jupiter from 1995 to 2003.

Europa is almost the same size as the Moon, it is only smoother and has less highlands and less craters than our natural satellite.

There’s evidence that underneath its ice surface, liquid oceans may exist. If the ice layer is thin enough, a mission has been planned to find out if there’s life in these oceans.

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Did you know…

… that the moon used to be much more closer than it is now?

Yes, a billion years ago, the moon had a smaller orbit so it needed only 20 days to go around the earth and complete a month.

At that time a day only lasted 18 hours!

The moon keeps getting away, 1.6 inches each year.

The Earth’s rotation is changing too. It is getting slower extending our days.

In a distant future, a day will last 960 hours. Not bad for those who need more hours during the day.

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