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When I was about 8…

Surfing in RETROLAND I found this treasures and I couldn’t avoid making a post about them.

If you were born in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s at least you must know one of this toys, they are so good (or maybe not that much but you must know them) that they have lasted a couple of decades.

Toys from the 80’s (decade in which I was born):

1. View-Master

2. Candy Land: I loved Mr. Chocolate.

3. Mr. Potato Head

4. Mouse Trap: Building the trap was way more amusing than playing the game which was pretty boring.

5. Twister: Fun for many generations.

6. Simon Says: I think this was from the 60’s or so.

7. Etch-a- Sketch: Really good.

8. Sea-Monkeys

9. Easy-Bake: For making burnt hot-cakes.

10. Slinky

11. Silly Putty

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