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Alert: Traditional Education Systems are Becoming Obsolete. Part I.

I could practically guarantee that any and every type of knowledge and information is or will be available in the palm of our hands and free of charge on the web.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit is the most popular encyclopedia on the web and was created only 8 years ago (2001), it has about 2’877,700 articles only in English.

This encyclopedia receives between 10,000 and 30,000 page petitions per second. Let’s now imagine how it will be 10 years from now, I doubt there’ll be something that we couldn’t find on this site.

Los cuatro logos oficiales utilizados por Wikipedia desde su creación.
The four official logos used by Wikipedia since its birth.

Everyday new valuable content is added to the internet. Several universities, educational and cultural institutes share important documents, videos, texts, even complete university courses on video, (it’s just as if you were seated in the classroom just beside your classmates and a few meters from the teacher). Besides, these courses are given by the best universities in the world.

Academic Earth

Such is the case of Academic Earth, a website in which you can find courses related to Psychology, Law, History, Physics, Political Science, and much more subjects from universities such as Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and everything is FREE.

Now there are no excuses, today more than ever, knowledge is in the palm of our hands.

I’ll come back to the subject with a future post and more websites that make education and knowledge available for every human being with an internet connection.

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